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Whats up all.

We switched over to www.howtotrainfortoughmudder.com

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See you later



Coach Frantan Killing the Mud

Whats up mudders’

So we just arrived here at the hotel about 10 miles away.

Whenever we get into races or competition mode I always like to get here a day earlier just in case of morning chaos.

Its rainy as hell out and I see snow still in the pics posted on the TM site.

We are going to run over there to see the run in a few minutes to familiarize ourselves with the soon to be deadly course.

I’m with coach Frantan who has run in the first ever run and has run in 3 others.

Coach Frantan crushed the time last November and was invited out to the TOUGHEST MUDDER

Quite an honor!

He is with me today and running with Team Krank and will def pick his brain with some tips and suggestions for future runs.

So def keep in tune for that one.

Otherwise we are carbing up and hitting some soft tissue work getting ready for tomorrow.

I decided to dress up for this one and will dress up in a highschool wrestling singlet and headgear.

Not sure if I’ll get hypothermia. We shall find out won’t we. Fucking snow

Alright Everyone I hope your trianing is going well and Tune in for the next post.

Gonna be  a good one!


Pete Isip Tough Mudder Trainer

Ps don’t forget to learn how to eat for your runs. Nutrition is key.

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Whats up everyone!

Here s little medley we hit up last friday and I was excited to try it out.

Let me know how you did and post some times up here!

Whats up everyone!

the PA mudder is upon the east coast in 5 days


Taking off this week with just some light runs, some technique movements, and mobility work.

Foam roll ALLL DAY!

Check out the vid and make sure you are doing what you are suppose to be doing.

Good morning Saturday and I’m pumped to be awake

Gonna go kill it at KRANK in NJ today

I hope you all are having a great time training and getting ready for crunch time

We will be at TM PA in 2 weeks and its time to fly and also at Metrodash in NJ

Let me know where you guys will be at and drop some comments or post me up some workouts

Try this one out


Thanks everyone and KILL THE DAY! No such things and half way crooks!

Good morning Saturday! need a workout today try it out. Comment and post times getting ready for the Tough Mudder in 2 weeks and Metro Dash in april Warrior Dash soon.


YOU! stop being a vagina!!!

Whats up people!

need a workout here you go. try it

Hope that you are all killing it today!

I was away at the underground with Zach even esh, paul reddick, uncle mike and TC this weekend.

heres a workout from Friday I hope you all try it out